Harvest Moon

John Carrie




From the streets to the stage

Humble beginnings as a street musician planted Irish songwriter and singer of songs John Carrie on various street corners in cities such as New York, Berlin, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.

After lots of rain, shine, pockets of coins and bottles of wine there had to be some warmer places to play…

A collaboration with drummer Gary Leatherland in summer 2004 sparked a move indoors and led to the recording of their first demo ep ‘Release’.

Written and recorded in Amsterdam the ep became the starting point for a string of small tours and support shows across Europe. To date the boys have shared stages with artists as diverse as The Kings Of Leon, Scott Matthews and Xavier Rudd.

In the summer of 2005 they drafted bass monkey Karl Griffiths in to add some more soul and a punching second vocal and pianist/vocalist/theremin player Sjoerd Spoelstra to complete the quartet which they renamed John Carrie and Moor Green.

Folk is not happy

In autumn 2006 the band recorded their debut album “Folk is not happy”. It was released on the 14th of April in Amsterdam, Holland. Some of the songs on this album were already years old and others came together a day or two before the recording session. Remko Schouten (Pavement, Bettie Serveert, Afghan Wigs) engineered the album and the musical style varies from pop-rock to singer-songwriter with a pinch of reggae for good taste. Johns’ lyrics are often very personal, and show the struggle of a sincere and heartfelt mind. You can read the lyrics on the new website, johncarriemusic.com.

Folk is not happy was received very well and gave us courage and energy to continue our journey as a band. Tours of France, Holland and the U.S soon followed.


The next level

The difficult second album (really!) “Clearing Air” recorded in 2009 has recently been presented to audience and press and like the debut it has been heaped with praise.

John on Clearing Air: Our latest offering with again some solo ballads and experimentation with new instruments (theremin, ewi and Garys’ knuckles on  a washboard !) and musical styles – like the Drum’n Bass orientated ‘fists can fly’’. Recorded in three days, it’s pretty raw and honest and we tried to take our musical experience a bit further, particularly as a band/unit. Anger, joy, humour, silliness, intensity and love squashed into fourteen musical voyages.


With the signing to record company PIAS and publisher Chrysalis, the band hopes to take things to the next level in 2010. Meanwhile, enjoy the serious playfulness of John Carrie and Moor Green. Their music evolves of eclectic tastes, inspiration and experiment to produce soft soulful ballads and pumping toe-tap-tempting hullaballoos!